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Castalia Solutions delivers consulting services and develops tools to help software practitioners and managers better understand and control their projects, improve their productivity and spend less time on reporting, by directly extracting useful knowledge from their own development process to answer the questions that matter.

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Boris Baldassari

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Boris Baldassari is an expert in software development methods and tools with 12+ years of experience working on complex development processes for small and large companies. He notably worked for Telelogic and IBM, servicing the industry in the bank, insurance, automotive and aeronautics domains. In 2011, Boris began working with SQuORING Technologies and the SequeL research team from the INRIA Lille on a research project about mining software engineering data for useful knowledge: Maisqual. He has published papers and articles in research and industry conferences, and obtained his Ph.D. in 2014. Securely grounded in the experiences gathered from working on complex, distributed development processes and the research and knowledge acquired from INRIA, Castalia Solutions was founded to help practitioners better understand their data and improve their development processes.



Castalia Solutions has setup a network of trusted partners to garantee you the best coverage of all your needs.

Castalia Solutions supports and is a member of the Eclipse Foundation and its Industry Working Groups. The Eclipse Foundation provides a global community of individuals and organizations with a mature, scalable and commercially-friendly environment for open source software collaboration and innovation. The Eclipse Working Groups allow organizations to combine the best practices of open source development with a set of services required for open innovation, enabling organizations to foster industry collaborations. Eclipse Working Groups also provide a vendor-neutral governance structure that allows organizations to freely collaborate on new technology development.

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ABlogiX provides services for the security of information systems: pen-test audits, dynamic and static testing of applications, setup of private and secured clouds, training on secure programming.

Bitergia provides software development metrics and analytics services to improve collaborative project management through activity and processes analysis. Bitergia also produces development community insights using and producing FOSS tools to retrieve data from collaborative software development repositories such as source code management systems, ticket tracking systems, code reviewing tools, mailing lists, etc., analyzing it according to the needs of its customers, and later visualizing the results through dashboards and custom reports.



Optimyth is a software company providing quality assurance and application inventory management products and solutions. Optimyth is notably the editor of Kiuwan, a cloud-based solution for code quality and security analysis, and of the on-premise ChecKing AIM and ChecKing QA products.

Enalean is the editor of Tuleap, the great open-source ALM solution for software development. From issues to scm, planning management and testing, Tuleap is the ultimate solution for development teams, with full traceability and a great user interface. Give it a try!



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