Maturity Assessment:
Your criteria, your metrics

Dev Process

Measure the maturity of software projects, using your criteria and your metrics:

  • Reuse existing references and standards, and make them even more useful by defining your own requirements and quality attributes.
  • Gather and integrate metrics from the whole stack: product, process, external resources. Use your tools' metadata to automatically get objective, accurate and timely measures.
  • Get the information you need, nothing more and nothing less. Zoom in only when you need it. Too many indicators are as useless as having none.
  • Rely on 100% free and open-source technologies to keep up with innovation and stay out of vendor's lock.


Audit a complex situation, get insights on a black-box situation, and make your team's work visible.
Assess and select components on the shelf, with customised and objective criteria.
Monitor and secure the relationship with subcontractors, by defining clear objectives and thresholds.

My commitments

  • Work with passion.
  • High availability.
  • Best-of-breed practices.
  • Full transparency.